One side haircut is undoubtedly the sexiest hairstyle for men, especially for fashion models. It is an artistic and creative hairdo that grants the wearer a neater appearance.

1 side hair cutting allows you to do something notable with your top hair. Besides, it enhances the facial features neatly and clearly.

The one side hair cutting style is picking up the stream with its sophisticated look that depicts the artistic nature of the wearer.

What is a One Side Haircut?

A unique form of asymmetrical hairdo that combines an undercut with shaved sides and side-swept longer hair on top.

The length of the top hair can be medium to long, reaching the chin.

Though there are several ways to achieve one side haircut, including undercut, taper and fade, this article is focused on undercut hairstyles—the hair cut side line.

One Side Haircut Ideas

From aesthetic to bold, classic to funky and creative to hipster, there are plenty of one side haircut ideas to suit the specific preferences of each individual.

To help you with your decision, we have shortlisted the overall best one side hairstyle for men. From thousands of hairstyles available, we have handpicked the 9 trendiest of all haircuts in each of the following categories-

  • Classic Haircuts
  • Creative Haircuts
  • Dyed Haircuts
  • Haircuts for Thin Hair


#1. Classic Undercut

Let’s start with the basic yet the most accepted one side cutting hairstyle for men!

To adopt it, all you need to do is—get a precise undercut. The rest is left to your natural hair. Allow your hair features to carve out the best side-swept hairstyle for you. The more natural the hairstyle is, the more hipster look it would endow you with!

#2. Faux Hawk + One Side Haircut

The faux hawk hairstyle never goes out of trend as it is both, stylish and edgy.

Blend this popular hairstyle with a one side haircut where the longer strands on top, having a frizzy texture, are swept to a certain side. The remaining hair on the sides is low to medium faded. And the best part is, it does not require extra products to style and rock.


#3. Side Swept + Long Hair + Beard

Finally, here comes the most admirable hairstyle for men that is trendy, classic, bold, impressive, extraordinary and whatnot!

Cheek-length one side haircut with a long beard is a must-try fashion for every man to know if it matches your facial features. And if it does, you have discovered the most elegant hairstyle for your fashion model look.

#4. Side Brushed Top + Retro Mustache

Models always enjoy being creative, like the 1 side haircut, with the way they style from head to toe.

Bring to light your imaginative skills by trying this artistic look; where the cheeky side-swept undercut hair gets blended with the fierce disposition of the retro moustaches. The hair on top can range from medium to long and the sides possess a tapered haircut that matches the texture of your moustache.


#5. One Side Haircut + Dyed Fringe

Justin Bieber adopted this hairstyle for quite a fair period. What else can be a better reason for proving its popularity?

The uniqueness of this hairstyle lies in the highlighted strands hanging down the head in front of the face. This exclusive impact is instantly noticeable and highly praised when styled right. Just be careful with the colour of the dye to be applied!

#6. Medium Blonde Hair + Undercut

Another great idea to pair with a one side haircut is—highlighting the tresses with blonde dye.

The side-swept dirty blonde is one of the best hairstyles for medium hair. Dye your hair blonde, and get the sides tapered with medium strands on top. Side-swept them to build a street-smart look. Besides, the temple when blended with a beard makes it even more fashionable.

#7. Bleached Angular Fringe + Taper Haircut

Angular fringe never gets old when it comes to having a model haircut and having it bleached is simply icing on the cake!

To wear this one side haircut, get your side hair cut in a tapered hairstyle. Let the strands on top be of the longer length of your choice. Bleach the fringes blonde or with whichever colour you want. And, let them hang stylishly. Simple!


#8. Skin Fade + Layers + Side Swept

Here comes the most dramatic side-swept hairstyle for men!

The impressive part about this hairstyle is the disconnection between the lengths of hair on top and the sides. The sides are treated with high skin fade while the top is somewhat lengthy. Hence the layers get the entire attention creating a unique impression.

#9. Open Puff + One Side Haircut

Want to try one side haircut for thin hair? Cheer up, this one is for you!

An open puff on the top makes your hair look voluminous creating a quiffed puff. Just get your side hair tapered, run blowdryer on the hair on top in the direction opposite to the sweep and then sweep the hair with hair wax in the original direction.


One side haircut style is the most preferred haircut among fashion models as it fits precisely with the disposition and aura of a model. The style is perfect for an artistic impression.

Rest your search for the best one side hair cut here selecting one from the above 9 styles. These are all inspired by celebrities and fashion models and interestingly, they are making the trend these days.