Mid Taper Fade is a fresh and easy-to-maintain hairstyle for men.  The haircut is gaining immense popularity for its natural eminence, stylish look and versatility.

Taper Haircut

Similar to fade haircuts, taper haircuts involve cutting the hair at different lengths, long to short, from head to back. But in a taper haircut, the edges of the hair are not completely blended. Instead, the look imparted is more towards the edgier end.

Another point of difference is, that where fade cuts create an artificial hairline on the neck, the taper haircuts keep the hairline natural and fresh.

Mid Taper Haircut

Mid Taper Haircut is a versatile and balanced form of taper haircut. In this, the fades, starting from the back and halfway from the sides, are kept medium in length.

One of the most appealing medium length hairstyles for men, the mid taper haircut works great to put some weight off your head while exposing your skin.

9 Stylish Mid Taper Fade Hairstyles for Men

Mid Taper Fade suits almost every haircut, skin type and hair type. Listed below are the most popular mid taper haircuts, from curly to straight and short to long.

#1. Mid Taper + Short Hair Styles For Men

This taper haircut is exceptionally perfect for men with short hair. The hairstyle is modern and chic which imparts a clean and professional ethos and unique design.

(Image- Mid Taper + Short Hair Styles For Men)

More like the short fade haircut, this hairstyle for men embarks plenty of stylish hairstyling options. These include comb over, crop top, slick back and side part. Additionally, the hairstyle becomes one of the most sought-after short haircuts for men when featured with a short and well-trimmed beard.

#2. Mid Taper Fade + One Side Haircut

The one side haircut is an asymmetrical hairdo in which the hair on the top is longer than the rest and is dangled on one side of the face. The hair on the sides and back is in the format of mid taper fade.

(Image- Mid Taper Fade + Long Hair)

This combination gives rise to one of the most attractive long hairstyles for men. It is most famous among artists, especially dancers, painters and fashion models. So if you are looking for creative hairstyles for long hair, this is perfect for you.

#3. Buzz Cut Fade

The buzz cut is ruling the fashion industry with more celebrities and fashion models adopting the ultra-short haircut look. It appears fantastically stylish and needs no maintenance or styling. Have a buzz cut men if you want the hairstyle in trend.

Though the buzz cut is a typical low fade haircut, you can be creative to add it with mid taper fade. This, in a way, can accentuate your coolness and creativity.

#4. Zayn Malik Hairstyle

Not just for his songs, Zayn Malik, one of the sexiest men ever, is widely popular for his iconic choice of hairstyles. He is an inspiration among men for hairstyles with short and medium hair lengths. This stylishly designed medium fade haircut is just a sample piece.

Zayn Malik Hairstyle
Zayn Malik Hairstyle

Whether you feature it with bangs or quiff, the hairstyle rules being the best haircut for men with a decent hair texture and medium to thick hair density.

#5. Mid Taper Fade with Highlights

A mid taper fade looks exceptionally phenomenal with its bold edges running long to shorter as it reaches towards the end of the back. And what if these edges are underscored with highlights? Undoubtedly, a deadly combination!

Emphasising the edges can effectively add authenticity and uniqueness to the look. This way, you can be sophisticated while having your natural hairline and the alluring mid taper haircut– the new hair style for men!

#6. Mid Tapered Edges with Long Braids

This mid taper fade haircut featuring braids is the best hair style for men who want a professional hairstyle for an artistic look. Since braids are the most popular men’s haircut of the time, you must give them a try.

In this hairstyle, the hair on the side and back is cut in a mid-taper hairstyle, retaining the natural hairline. And the hair on top is left in a manner that it can be used to pull upbraids and stylishly tie them. This way, you can have a mid taper haircut with long hair.

#7. Mid Taper Fade with Line

Introducing your hairstyle to line or design creates a comprehensive hairstyle category in itself that provides a huge variety for every man, all shapes and all sizes. Likewise, you can adopt this design with the hair on the sides and back faded in a mid taper fade hairstyle.

You can even try having a cut at a decent creative place that can strategically depict your fashion sense and uniqueness. The hairstyle is receptive to several hair variations on the top including quiff and even ponytail. Also, you can customise the hairstyle further getting the edges highlighted.

#8. Curly Hairstyles Men

Having short curls is a blessing of being unique and looking chilled. And pairing the curls with a mid taper fade can aggrandize the benediction way too effectively.

Moreover, an arc can add greater depth to the fade haircut. Besides, you also have an option to blend the hairstyle with a beard. Replete with all these features, the look you get is one of the best hairstyles for men with curled or wavy hair.

#9. Mid-Tapered Haircut for Dark Skin

This hairstyle inspired by Mark Ingram is simply unique and a great option for people with dark-coloured skin. Here the features are waves and the arch, styled carefully with optimum proficiency.

This fade haircut men is a very cool mid taper fade hairstyle if featured carefully. Though a normal mid fade is still a great option, the waves make the hairstyle absolutely unique and ravishing. Try it with a clean beard to embrace the look. 

Final Words

Mid taper fade is a popular men’s hairstyle as it provides an impressively huge variety of hairstyling options to choose from. The hairstyle looks fresh and smart with a lot of hair weight chopped away.

Select the one that can suit your hair type and try giving it a touch of customization so that it’s uniquely yours!