Short hairstyles for women are still out of the ordinary hairstyles in India. And since going offbeat is the new fashion trend, these hairstyles are hotshot.

Short hairstyles for women may appear less feminine, but they introduce your look to a whole lot of valuable integrity. And hence, queens can be found with short hair as well.

Short Hair Supremacy

A short haircut for ladies is linked to professionalism and self-confidence. At the same time, it depicts your jolly and fun attitude. And of course, it details your savage and badass personality.

For introducing change to their hairstyles, many Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Anuskha Sharma and Yami Gautam are spotted wearing short hair look.

Priyanka Chopra in short hairs
Priyanka Chopra in short hairs

The shorter locks are easy to maintain, with no tangling issue, no styling product and no regular salon treatment. Just eat healthily, keep the scalp clean, nourish and protect it, and you are ready to shine!

Getting Creative with Short Hair!

When it comes to women’s hairstyles, the internet puts forth a plethora of long hair updos and our short hair queens feel overlooked. But the truth is, you can be highly creative with your short locks as well.

From simple to complicated, casual to formal, messy to sleek and fun to elegant, there is no limit to short hairstyles for women. 

9 Best Short Hairstyles for Women

Today you’ll explore how creative you can be with your short hair with these best in class short hairstyles for women.

#1. Sleek High Ponytail

A sleek high ponytail is always a great enhancer to a bold look.

A part of the powerful hairstyles for women, a sleek high ponytail is a great option for businesswomen; as it can be tied confidently even when the hair is not clean.

Sleek high ponytail
Sleek high ponytail

When tied on oily hair, the ponytail leaves you with a professional and dynamic look that fills the environment with a vibe of maturity.

#2. Straight Bob

Short hairstyles for women are incomplete without a straight bob and of course, Salena Gomez.

With a straight bob hairstyle, a slight difference in the styling makes a completely different impression.

Selena Straight Bob Hairstyle
Selena Straight Bob Hairstyle

Just like her, you can look cute or serious, messy or bold, mature or childish– with the same straight bob hairdo styled differently.

#3. Wavy Bed-Head Hairstyle

The waves and the summer outlook– deadly combination! Fall in love with this pretty bold look of wavy bed-head hairstyle with Yami Gautam.

Unlike other short hairstyles for women discussed so far, the waves are best detailed with styling accessories like curling iron.

Yami Gautam Wavy Bed-Head Hairstyle
Yami Gautam Wavy Bed-Head Hairstyle

The simple, elegant and amplified look it provides will make you fall in love with yourself.

#4. Top Knot

Topknot is the next day hairstyle that brings with it a carefree, natural and slightly romantic feel.

Tying half of the hair diminishes the burden. And hence, half-up hairdos are perfect for short hairstyles for women with thick hair.

Half Top Knot Hairstyle
Half Top Knot Hairstyle

Even when your hair is thick, by doing this style with free hands, you can add volume, height and elegance to your hair look.

#5. Fishtail Braids

Among the various short hairstyles for women, fishtail braids are perfectly suitable for smaller hair– the hard to tie strands.

The simple, elegant yet classy look with a fishtail braid is enough to make you party-ready.

Fishtail braid hairstyle for short hairs
Fishtail braid hairstyle for short hairs

The fantastic hairstyle when combined with a beautiful classic dress and accessories makes you feel like a diva.

#6. Edgier Braids

The comeback of an old school trend– hair braids has invited a huge variety of new short hairstyles for women.

The neater the braids look, the bolder is their influence. On the other hand, tying the hair loosely results in strands coming out and spoiling the look.

Edgier Braids Hairstyle
Edgier Braids Hairstyle

The look boosts your hair texture, keeps the hair involved and furnishes special hair benefits while establishing a vague yet elegant impression.

#7. Fancy Bun

There are selected short hairstyles for women to look messy yet elegant simultaneously and this fancy bun is one of them.

Ideal for all occasions, the bun is easy to make with thick hair density. For fine hair, the bun can be designed at a slightly lower spot to make your head look full of hair.

Fancy bun for short hairs
Fancy bun for short hairs

Simply tuck in all your hair strands in a pattern, making sure that the ends don’t come out. The messier it looks, the more effective it will be to steal the show.

#8. Bohemian Updo

And then comes the bohemian updo as an answer to– why should hair with thick density have all the fun?

The simple yet creative hairstyle is a great way for fine hair women to own a fuller appearance.

Bohemian Updo Hairstyle
Bohemian Updo Hairstyle

Short hairstyles for women include plenty of half up half down hairdos. Simply separate the upper section designing it like a crown and straighten the hanging strands.

#9. Side-Parted Blunt Bob

Just side-parting your straight hair while having a bob haircut, you can get an unimaginative star look.

The confident look gets enhanced with roots darker than the rest of the strand.

Side-Parted Blunt Bob
Side-Parted Blunt Bob

The confident aura and classy look paired with great textured smooth hair– what else is needed to rule the world!