Hair fall reasons in females are generally related to their mental and physical health. At times, the cause of hair fall can be styling it in the wrong way.

A huge population of the world is suffering from the solemn disease of hair fall. Though it is a more talked-about subject for men, women are not the spared category.

In fact, it has affected more than half of the world’s women population.  The hair fall reasons in females are touching heights and hence, hair fall treatment is necessary.

Are you Prone to Hair Loss?

Hair fall reasons in females are of different kinds and they can affect almost all categories of females. However, there are certain groups of women who are more prone to this problem than others. You are among them if –

  • Your age is more than 40 years
  • You are going through menopause
  • You delivered a baby recently
  • You had chemotherapy or other medications
  • You wear tight pull up hairstyles
  • You use insensitive chemicals on your hair
Hairfall Problem in Females
Hairfall Problem in Females

Your Hair Fall Problem: Is it Normal or Serious?

Every one out of three women is suffering from female-pattern hair loss. More women are witnessing locks of rooted out hair in showers, on the comb, on pillows, floor and sink.

But does that mean you are suffering from hair loss? Or does all hair fall reasons in females need special treatment? Let’s find out.

Normal Hair Fall

Usually, we humans lose around 50 to 100 hair strands per day. Falling of hair is natural and inevitable. The hair fall is to balance the newer hair growing on your scalp. And hence, when a strand sheds it makes way for the other to grow.


  • No thinning of hair
  • No considerable decrease in the hair density
Normal Hairfall in Female
Normal Hairfall in Female

The hair fall reasons in females, for normal hair loss, are not specific. But the sign of relief is, they do not much damage your hair.

Outline– The hair fall is normal if you are losing less than 125 hair strands per day or if the number of falling strands balances the number of freshly growing locks.

Severe Hair Loss

Losing hair in excess is a sign of severe hair loss. The women suffering from it experience locks of hair coming out every time they slide their hands in it. In this case, the new hair tresses cannot balance the drastic hair fall.


  • Widening of hair part
  • Bald spots
  • More than 125 hair stands shedding per day
  • The scalp can be seen through the hair
Severe Hair Loss in Females
Severe Hair Loss in Females

Different kinds of illnesses cause hair loss. Besides, your routine can be the victim. All hair loss causes are discussed in the upcoming section with their sure-shot treatments.

Outline– Losing more than 125 hair strands every day is a serious hair loss problem as it leaves you with visibly dull effects.

Hair Fall Reasons in Females- Why your Hair is falling drastically?

Hair loss in women can be a result of one or more reasons. However, the most common ones are always specific to observe. Read the most common hair fall reasons in females to find out why your tresses are leaving your hair so drastically.

In this section, you will learn answers to the most asked questions including how to regrow thinning hair female, which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss and how to control hair fall.

Hairfall Reason in Female
Hairfall Reason in Female

Most Common Hair Fall Reasons in Female

Though hair loss can be a result of certain illnesses, the most common causes of hair fall in women are:

● Nutrients Deficiency

Vitamin and minerals deficiencies are the most common causes of hair loss. The deficiency can worsen the case even for other hair fall reasons in females. Besides promoting hair thinning, it can result in damaging body hair follicles.

The deficiency of the following vitamins and minerals can result in promoting or causing hair loss.

  • Iron
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
Nutrients Deficiency in Females
Nutrients Deficiency in Females

Effects- When the level of any of these degrades, the hair stops growing and starts becoming thin. Deficiency of Zinc can result in breaking and damaging your remaining hair while selenium deficiency causes hair loss accompanied by hypothyroidism.

Treatment- For this cause, hair loss treatment in women starts with an accurate diagnosis.  Recovering the deficiency can be an answer to the question ‘my hair is falling out from the root, what I can do?

  • Get tested and configure the deficiencies
  • Fill your diet with vitamin-rich food
  • Use supplements to maintain a good level of the deficient vitamin

● Weight Loss Dieting

Rapid weight loss comes with several changes in your body including nutrient deficiencies, weakness, hormonal changes and stress. And all these changes contribute to hair fall reasons in females in one or the other way.

Weight Loss Dieting
Weight Loss Dieting

Effects- In several cases, sudden weight loss gives rise to a type of hair loss called acute telogen effluvium or TE. This hair fall reason in females is observed after 3 months of the weight loss process. It generally ends in 6 months.

Besides, it can cause female pattern baldness.

Treatment- In this case, the best hair loss treatment for females is making necessary changes to their diet.

  • Increase protein intake
  • Focus on micronutrients
  • Add Amla and raw vegetables to your diet
  • Reduce/avoid the consumption of tea

● Inconvenient Hairstyle

Sleek or tight ponytails look amazing. But eventually, they can lead to hair loss for pulling the hair back tightly. This is among the most common hair fall reasons in females, especially in teenagers.

Inconvenient Hairstyles
Inconvenient Hairstyles

Effect- Wearing tight hairdos more often can develop a special type of hair loss known as traction alopecia. Though the damage can be recovered, sometimes it may stop hair regrowth.

Treatment – Make sure that your hair is not suffering from extreme stretches or pulls.

  • Avoid constantly pulled up hairstyles
  • Make the ponytail loose, braids thicker and bun messy
  • If you like tightly pulled hairstyles, wear them for small durations

● Over Processing Hair

When you try processing your hair artificially, nature asks you to pay for it. As a result, the processing leads to damage to the natural texture of the locks. The hair fall reasons in female that come under overprocessing are

  • Dyeing
  • Bleaching
  • Heating
  • Another artificial styling
Over Processing Hair
Over Processing Hair

Effect- The hair appears dull, dry, thin and unhealthy. Over styling leads to shaft damage that makes it porous and hard to style.

Treatment- Though you cannot recover the hair completely, the texture and health can be maintained using the following tips.

  • Let your hair be in its natural form more often
  • Use moisturizing masks
  • Apply essentials oils

Bursting the Myths of Hair Fall reasons in Female

You might have heard a lot of other hair fall reasons for females. And it’s not wrong to say that most of them are mere myths. Chasing them will help you go nowhere. Read the facts mentioned below and face the reality.

Myth: Dandruff is the reason for permanent hair fall

Dandruff is a tangible hair problem but it does contribute to hair loss. The flakes getting peeled off from your scalp can cause itching and irritation. But, there is no direct link to dandruff and hair fall unless scratching the scalp roots up the hair.

Dandruff and Hairfall
Dandruff and Hairfall

What to Do: Try to avoid scratching or rubbing your scalp.

Myth: Stress is the reason for permanent hair loss

Stress does affect your health mentally and physically. Consequently, it can be one of the hair fall reasons in females. However, it does not cause any permanent effect. Recovering your emotions can benefit the situation.

Stress and Hair Loss
Stress and Hair Loss

What to Do: Focus on relieving stress and not on the hair fall.

Myth: Shaving your head increases your hair density

Shaving does not result in growing thicker, healthier or superabundant hair on your head. The appearance of the freshly growing tress can confuse the viewer. But the truth is, no real change occurs doing so. The hair fall reasons in female cannot be diminished this way.

Shaved Head and Female Hair Loss
Shaved Head and Female Hair Loss

What to Do: Never shave your hair assuming it will grow healthier. Instead, focus on maintaining the strength of existing tresses.

Myth: Over brushing brings in healthier hair

You might have heard that brushing or combing the hair massages the scalp, boosts blood circulation and promotes healthy hair growth. In fact, brushing hair can result in lifting and breaking the cuticles. Consequently, the hair may look dull.

Over Brushing and Hair Loss
Over Brushing and Hair Loss

What to Do: Brush or comb your hair only till it gets detangled and smooth.

Myth: Cutting your hair can stop hair fall

Experiencing drastic hair fall, many girls and ladies decide to cut their long tresses believing that short hair is a solution to hair fall. However, when your tresses are not healthy, their length doesn’t matter. Though short hair can reduce hair fall for it requires lesser maintenance and is easy to detangle, the cause of hair fall cannot be removed this way.

Hair Cutting and Hair Loss
Hair Cutting and Hair Loss

What to Do: Cut your hair only when you need to reduce maintenance. If you love the longer tresses, try to make them healthy and moisturized. Cutting them down is not the ultimate treatment to hair fall reasons in females.

Types of Hair Fall Reasons in Female

Hair loss includes the shedding of strands from different maturity stages. Based on the growth level of the tress, there are several types of hair falls with each having a specific set of causes. Hence, the hair fall reasons in females are subjected to the type of problem.

Find your Hair Loss Problem

Out of a plethora of hair fall types, the below mentioned three kinds are the most specific hair fall reasons in females. Identify the kind of hair loss problem you are facing to know its causes and cure.

● Female Pattern Hair Loss

This is the most common type of hair loss problem. In this, the hair becomes thin at the hairline and on the sides.

Causes –

  • Genes of your parents
  • Ageing
  • Menopause

● Growing Phase Hair Loss (Anagen Effluvium)

It occurs when the tresses from the growing phase are poisoned with medications like chemotherapy.

Causes –

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Other Medications

● Resting Phase Hair loss (Telogen Effluvium)

This type of hair loss is caused when the hair from the ending phase are shed.

Causes –

  • Physical stress like extreme weight loss, anaemia, surgery or illness
  • Emotional stress
  • Abnormal Thyroid
  • Supplements and medications like excess of vitamin A or blood pressure medicine
  • Hormone changes

Final Words- Hair Loss Treatment in Women

Now that you know the hair fall reasons in females, your search for the treatment is obvious. And since you have reached this far, you will be rewarded with the most beneficial golden tips for hair loss treatment in women. Following just three tips seriously is sufficient to deal with hair loss.

  • Maintaining a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals is the key to getting rid of hair fall.
  • Keep the hair texture as natural as possible.
  • Use lesser or no styling tools.