Gents hair styles are plenty in number, each better than the other. Still, a large number of males keep on wearing the same traditional hairstyle for their entire life!

When a plethora of options are available for your specific face type and complexion, what is holding you from emerging as the best version of yourself?

Is it unsophistication that you want to uphold, or the fear of a new hairstyle failure?

Whatever the reason be, we have a solution for it with our list of gents hair styles that are modest, require low maintenance and still look exceptionally amazing!

Gents Hair Styles: Best Of All Times

Mentioned below is the list of most classic gents hair cutting styles that have been ruling the fashion industry for an impressive time now!

#1. Skin Fade Haircut

Stylish High Fade Haircut
Stylish High Fade Haircut

A fade haircut has always been a rescue for people who are adhered to typicalness. There is no high maintenance required, no strong hipster look provided, just a simple elegant impression that looks fresh and cool!

Though a low fade haircut is always subtle, the skin fade version is one of the best gents hair styles. In this, the side hair is skin faded and the top is maintained neatly as shown in the image to impart the look of a true gentleman.

#2. Textured Haircut

Best Textured Haircut for Gents
Best Textured Haircut for Gents

Best for thin hair density, this textured haircut is one of the most simple yet attractive short haircuts for men. It allows you to have a cute celebrity look with a youthful face just by adding appropriate texture to your hair.

To emphasise the prestige of this gents hair style, you can try blending it with a similarly textured beard. This can be a great idea for people exploring medium hairstyles for men.

#3. Buzz Cut Men

Buzz Cut Hairstyle for Oval Shape Face

A buzz cut is a classic new hair style for men that is gaining immense popularity these days. Thanks to its simple and polished look. The freshness it imparts is worth giving it a try.

The interesting part is, that even when a buzz is one of the short hair styles for men, it is versatile. You can still do a lot to customise it. For instance, you can decide the length, and fade and can even have an undercut.

#4. Flowing Bob

Flowing Bob Hairstyle For Gents
Flowing Bob Hairstyle For Gents

Here comes one of the most admired long hairstyles for men from old school! The time-honoured flowing bob hairstyle never disappoints people when it comes to class and flawlessness.

This paradigm of timeless gents hair styles involves hair flowing evenly from both sides. If your facial features pair well with this hairstyle, there is hardly anything more remarkable!

#5. Angled Fringe

Best Gents Hair Styles (Angled Fringe)
Best Gents Hair Styles (Angled Fringe)

Angled Fringe has been one of the best hairstyles for long hair for a very long time. And the trend seems changeless as the hairstyle is admired by a huge number of social media influencers.

An indication of class and cuteness, the angled fringe haircut involves the flowing of long fringes towards the forehead at an angle. The side hair can have a short fade haircut.

#6. Brushed Back

Brushed Back Hairstyle For Gents
Brushed Back Hairstyle For Gents

Traditional gents hair styles are incomplete without the slick back brushed hairstyle that never fails to impart the true gentlemanly look. Whatever the occasion be, just a comb-over and you are ready to go!

This is the best haircut for men with medium to high hair density and medium to long hair length.  The brushed-back hairstyle with an undercut is simply luxurious for its smooth look.

#7. Long Undercut

Long Undercut Hairstyle For Gents
Long Undercut Hairstyle For Gents

Picking up the steam these days, the long hair style with an undercut is something that appeals to every heart. The style is both fashionable and classic!

Once this epitome of gents hair styles for long hair men suits your face, there is no going back. You will fall in love with the length of your hair and that tiny little pony at the back of your head!

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#8. Pompadour

Short Hair Pompadour

Pompadour has been ruling the list of classic hairstyles for several years. The interesting fact about it is that it works for almost all the explorers of hairstyles for men, provided they have a decent hair density.

Another remarkable point about this hairstyle is that it can be customised following the face shape of an individual. You can play with length, texture and edges to carve out one of the best hairstyles for men.

#9. Tapered Cut

Best Taper Fade Haircut
Best Taper Fade Haircut

The tapered haircut falls under the category of smart hair styles for men and serves best to the men who have fine hair density. In this hairstyle, the length of hair is graduated which accentuates the natural density of the hair.

Unlike a mid fade haircut, the length of the hair is spread unevenly all across the head that still looks clean and fresh. The minimalist tapered haircut is undoubtedly one of the best gents hair styles with low hair volume.


While exploring the ‘best hairstyles for men’ or ‘new hairstyle gents’, you might have come across hundreds of eliciting hair-cutting ideas. But to finalise one, always consider whether the style would suit your face type or not. 

Remember, your hairstyle manifests a big deal of your character. Don’t ever compromise it by tacitly wearing whatever your hairstylist departs you with!

Instead, select one from this list of gents hair styles and find out if it would suit your face. The best hairstyle for men is the one that suits the facial feature of the individual most perfectly.