Hair loss causes are so versatile that people hardly realise which deed of theirs is hurting their scalp.

The internet is filled with a plethora of miscellaneous solutions to hair fall. And still, the problem persists, even multiplies sometimes.

To ensure that your actions are not promoting hair fall, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions related to oiling and hair fall.

Does oiling cause hair fall?

Does oiling cause hair fall
Does oiling cause hair fall

Yes, partially. I have experienced excessive hair fall while oiling. Every minor severity causes incurable damage when the hair is at a stage prone to hair fall.

Though oil is not among the hair loss causes, oiling can be one.

Excessive Hair Fall while Oiling

If you are facing excessive hair fall while oiling, it is most probably because of the FALSE way of application.

Scratching the scalp increases hair fall when your hair is weak due to any of the hair loss causes.

Hairfall while oiling
Hairfall while oiling

You might have heard that massaging the scalp increases blood circulation and promotes hair growth. It may be true but one cannot neglect hair loss for promoting hair growth.

Is oiling necessary?

Oiling hair has been an integral part of the hair care routine in India for generations. But is it necessary? Let’s find out.

Oiling can provide most of the necessary supplements to your hair. It can manage dull, dry and frizzy hair besides preventing the scalp from getting dry. Consequently, it prevents dandruff.

Is oiling necessary
Is oiling necessary

Finally, applying oil is believed to work magically for hair. Maybe this is true for a healthy mane, the case is the contrary with the scalp going through hair fall. In such cases, the juice can be among the hair loss causes.


Oiling is not necessary. It can be beneficial for a healthy mane. But if it is increasing your hair fall, you can replace it with any other routine that introduces your hair to better health.

Tip to avoid Hair loss while oiling

The tips mentioned below will help you apply oil while suffering from hair loss. 

  • Choose the right hair oil (detail in the upcoming section).
  • Don’t make circular motions. It will detangle your hair and will enhance the chances of hair getting uprooted.
  • Don’t let the oil rest on your scalp for too long. Sticky hair messes up the situation.
  • Apply oil with soft hands. Be careful your fingertips don’t hurt the roots.
  • Don’t apply oil when you have dandruff. Otherwise, the oiling will turn out to be one of the causes of hair loss.

Does coconut oil make your hair fall out?

Though coconut oil is known as the versatile king of hair oil, some people complain about it being among the hair loss causes.

Coconut Oil for Hair
Coconut Oil for Hair

My Experience

Applying coconut oil overnight or sometime before washing hair results in deep conditioning the hair. Though rubbing the scalp harshly uproots the hair, applying the oil in the right way always brings great results.

Coconut Oil for Hair Loss: Boon or Curse

According to a survey, coconut oil is most effective at reducing protein loss over other oils. It treats damaged, rough, dull and bleached hair incredibly.

Coconut oil is a great remedy to grow sleek, shiny and long hair. The oil makes the hair moisturised from the root to the tip.

It protects against protein loss and shields from environmental damages. Hence, the oil is not among the hair loss causes.


Coconut oil doesn’t cause hair loss. Instead, it is a boon to promote healthy hair growth. Just keep in mind to apply the oil with soft hands without rubbing the scalp.

Does castor oil make your hair fall out?

Castor oil is a proven remedy for hair fall treatment. Many hair experts recommend using the oil for transforming the mane positively.

Castor Oil for Hair
Castor Oil for Hair

My Experience

Castor oil has benefitted my hair more than anything. Visible changes can be seen in the length and texture of the hair.

Besides, the hair feels moisturised and free from frizz. Surely, hair loss causes are not linked to the application of this oil.

Castor Oil for Hair Loss: Beneficial or Detrimental

Castor oil can do wonders to your hair when used properly and at the right time. Answering the question, applying castor oil can never be among the hair loss causes.

Just remember to mix the oil with other essential oils to score the consistency. Don’t overwash the oil completely and try not to apply the oil on dandruff attacked scalp.


Use castor oil mixed with coconut oil and massage your scalp with soft hands some time or one night before washing the hair. Don’t rub it hard on the scalp and avoid using too much shampoo for washing it off.

This way, you won’t lose any hair and the oil will show the best results.

Does onion juice cause hair fall?

Onion juice must have been introduced to you as one of the top remedies for promoting hair growth. It might have worked for some people but most of the results are unsatisfactory.

Onion Juice for Hair
Onion Juice for Hair

My Experience

Rubbing onion juice on my scalp for a year now, all I have observed is a foul smell with an itchy scalp. Other side effects were dry scalp and eczema. Hence, onion juice can be among the hair loss causes.

Onion Juice for Hair Loss: Good or Bad

Most people don’t see any visible benefits of using onion juice on their hair. So does that mean onion juice is bad for hair? Not exactly, the fact is, onion introduces your scalp to the much needed excess sulphur and also promotes the production of collagen.

Onion juice can be a beneficial remedy if lack of sulphur is one of your hair loss causes. Besides, studies show onion juice delays premature greying and promotes forehead hair regrowth.


Onion juice can do wonders to the hair health of certain individuals. It can treat Alopecia Areata, patchy alopecia, dandruff and premature greying if applied in the right amount (less concentrated).

However, there is not much evidence to prove these claims. So if you feel your hair is falling even more while applying onion juice, you should stop using it.