How to stop hair fall immediately at home for female? An easy answer is- by adopting a better hair care routine.

Yes, it has worked for plenty of women out there asking for a permanent solution to questions like “How to stop hair fall immediately at home for female”, “My hair is falling out”, “hair fall solution at home”, etc.

Severe Hair Loss in Females
Stop Hairfall at Home

Hair fall has stricken a large population of the world seizing both men and women.

If you are among the women suffering from loss of hair, just take a deep breath, destress yourself, remove negativities and get ready to explore ways to stop hair fall immediately.

How to stop hair fall immediately at Home for female?

To stop hair fall immediately, you must start by tracking your hair care routine. Whatever you do with your hair impacts greatly the health of your tresses. So first of all, focus on maintaining your hair quality.

First and Foremost!

When it comes to controlling hair fall, most of us rush to find anti-hair fall products, supplements and medications. On the contrary, the first thing one should do is concentrate on improving the texture of their hair.

Your hair falls when it is weak, dull and damaged. It is impossible to stop hair fall having a rough and tedious texture of tresses.

Care for your Hair like Jewellery!

Hair fall is a serious issue. It needs more effort to deal with than just following home remedies and leaving the hair untouched for days.

Care for your Hair like Jewellery
Care for your Hair like Jewellery

Your hair is your crowning glory. It needs to be taken care of. The split ends, damaged hair, weakening strands, rough and dry texture, every sort of abnormality is required to be dealt with in order to stop hair fall immediately.

Mentioned below are the most crucial yet simplest habits you must adopt to improve the quality of your hair and get rid of hair fall quickly. Incorporate them into your lifestyle to get your hair back to life.

#1. Detangle your Hair with a Wide Toothed Comb

Detangle your hair carefully with a wide-toothed comb when it is weak and prone to get rooted easily.

Excessive Hair Fall while Oiling

Many females have witnessed reckless hair fall while combing their tresses. This happens due to hair breakage as a result of harsh pulling with fine combs that render more friction.

A wide-toothed comb creates less friction and makes the hair easy to detangle. Being gentle on the hair decreases the amount of hair fall significantly.

#2. Never Skip Conditioning your Hair

Conditioning is one of the most crucial parts of a hair care routine. It prevents hair breakage and ultimately the hair fall.

Hair Conditioning to Stop Hairfall
Hair Conditioning to Stop Hairfall

Though many women skip conditioning their hair regularly, keep in mind that such negligence is hindering your hair to flourish. You are missing the shine, smoothness and manageability that a conditioner leaves your hair with.

The conditioner forms a protective layer over each strand which results in reducing hair breakage, making the hair easy to detangle and ultimately reducing hair fall.

#3. Comb your hair only when it is Dry

Wet hair is more prone to get rooted than dry hair. Hence, one should never comb the tresses when they are wet.

How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately At Home

When you shampoo and condition your hair carefully, the hair becomes very easy to comb and detangle even after getting dry. This is one of the most crucial tips on how to stop hair fall immediately at home for female.

So it is better to have the patience to wait for the hair to get dry than to harm it by combing wet.

#4. Be careful while massaging your scalp

Try applying oil with the root applicator comb in case you observe a drastic hair fall while massaging the scalp.

Hair massage to stop hair fall
Hair massage to stop hair fall

Massaging may be beneficial for reducing hair fall but eventually, a lot of women complain about extreme hair fall while applying oil.

If you are among them, don’t let any more hair fall for this reason. Get a root applicator comb to apply oil instead of making the hair messy by rubbing your fingers in it.

#5. Wash Your Hair Regularly

Wash your hair regularly– A basic hygiene advice yet the most important tip to prevent hair fall.

Wash Your Hair Regularly to Stop Hairfall
Wash Your Hair Regularly to Stop Hairfall

Leaving your hair unwashed for a long time can stimulate hair fall. It builds up germs and makes the hair musty.

Make sure that you never skip washing hair for too long. It will promote fresh growth while keeping the hair unwoven and cleared up.

#6. Apply Serum when Needed

A serum is an actual game changer for hopeless hair as a few drops of it can bring life to the dumpish tresses.

Is oiling necessary
Apply Serum to Prevent Hairfall

This tip is a part of the answer to how to stop hair fall immediately at home for female since serum makes your hair smooth and easy to detangle resulting in reduced hair fall.

Start loving your hair again with the fresh fragrance of your favourite serum.

#7. Get a Favourable Haircut

A good haircut can help you reduce hair fall to a certain extent. Just make sure that the new hairstyle makes your hair less fussy and easily manageable.

Haircut to Stop Hairfall
Haircut to Stop Hairfall

To stop hair fall, you need to let your hair relax, stopping every kind of scrummage, tug and pull. Hence, the style should allow you to detangle the hair quite easily, without any struggle.

Since long hair is hard to manage with hair fall, getting them shorter is a good option if the purpose is to maintain healthier hair.

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#8. Love your Hair

Believe that your hair is still beautiful even when you are facing hair fall and your hair is not in good condition.

Love Your Hair

To stop hair fall immediately, you must believe that you can still do a lot of good with your tresses. You can still be charming by getting them into a better condition.

Starting a proper hair care routine would stop your hair fall only when you treat your hair with love and care.

How to reduce hair fall?

Besides the basic tips introduced so far, you can try certain home remedies for hair growth that are proven to reduce hair fall. Some of the most effective remedies among them are listed below.

  • Egg Hair Mask
  • Aloe Vera Hair Mask
  • Coconut Spa
  • Amla Hair Pack
  • Methi Hair Mask
Hair mask for hairfall
Hair mask for hairfall

How to control hair fall?

While searching for how to stop hair fall immediately at home for female, one must never stop working on the permanent solutions.

The best hair loss treatment for female to control hair fall can be summed up in the following three practices.

  • A Nourishing Diet
  • A Proper Hair Care Routine
  • Yoga

How to stop hair fall?

Diet plays a significant role in determining the health of your hair. Hence, the best hair fall solution at home is a nourishing diet full of nutritional qualities.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

A lot of women have gotten rid of hair fall just by changing their diet including more food rich in zinc and iron. Some of the most beneficial food to stop hair fall are-

  • Fish Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Fenugreek Seeds
  • Coconut Milk
  • Amla
  • Beetroot Juice

Causes of hair loss in women

The causes of hair loss in women vary from person to person. Some of them can be prevented while others cannot. Some of the most prominent causes of loss of hair in females are-

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Pollution
  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Diseases
  • Medications
  • Tight hairstyles
  • Heating tools


A simple answer to how to stop hair fall immediately at home for female is– by making them easy to detangle, smooth and strong through a good hair care routine, proper diet and yoga.

This is the most appropriate way to deal with hair loss immediately as well as in the long term.