When it comes to hairstyles, having an oval face is a damn lucky gesture. You have a well-proportioned face with great features that can be experimented with a huge variety of oval face hairstyles men.

Since the face shape is immensely popular, thousands of haircut varieties have been created for it so far.

Hairstyle for Oval Shape Face Men
Hairstyle for Oval Shape Face Men

But, as you must have experienced, selecting from too many options is as messy as having none. Also, not each of the oval face hairstyles men is worth your attention.

So the main purpose of this article is to introduce you to the most attractive, accepted and successful oval face hairstyles men.

Also, the hairstyles that are not good for your face are discussed in the end. So that you can choose the best!

Oval Face Hairstyles Men- Best of all Times

Presenting to you, the biggest hits of 2022 that are handpicked by specialists!

Let’s dive in…

#1. Buzz Cuts

A buzz cut is one of the simplest, easiest and yet the most popular oval face hairstyles men.

Buzz Cut Hairstyle for Oval Shape Face
Buzz Cut Hairstyle for Oval Shape Face

The buzz hairstyle features equally lengthed very short hair spread all across the head evenly more or less like the military haircut.

Inspired by many popular celebrities including Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber, the buzz cut has gained immense popularity and has become one of the most admired short haircuts for oval faces male.

#2. Semi-Slicked Hair

Want to look classic without having a hyper style? Here is the most vibrant hairstyle for you.

Semi-Slicked Hair
Semi-Slicked Hair

The semi-slicked haircut is a short hairstyle for men that is easy to access, style and maintain. It is an alternative to a buzz cut for people who want slightly longer hair on their heads.

Interestingly, it is a go-to hairstyle that can be worn in all seasons!

You should definitely try it if your face shape includes a wide forehead and broad look.

#3. Quiffs with Fade

A quiff hairstyle is among the most stylish oval face hairstyles men.

Quiffs with Fade Hairstyle
Quiffs with Fade Hairstyle

The length of the hair on top decreases from the front side to the centre: while the sides of the head are faded.

It may resemble pompadour to some extent but apparently there is a strong difference in the impression formed. There is no competition for a quiff haircut when you have the right textured voluminous hair.

#4. Crew Cuts with Fade

Here comes the hairstyle for sportsmen!

Crew Cuts with Fade Hairstyle
Crew Cuts with Fade Hairstyle

A crew cut is again a type of haircut that features longer tresses on the top and shorter ones on the back and sides.

The haircut teases the even length of the hair and invites you to customize it in the way you want. You can have the longer hair spiked or slicked and the fades high, low or medium.

You can even play with colours to enhance the look of this classic cropped hairstyle.

#5. Pompadour

Upholding the analogy of longer hair on the top and shorter on the remaining sides, the pompadour haircut comes out to be the most professional hairstyle of all time.

Short Hair Pompadour
Short Hair Pompadour

The thick finely swept long hair on top enhances your facial features resolutely.

The brush stroke directing the hair backwards makes it one of the best oval face hairstyles men to catch the attention of every eye.

#6. Man Buns

Man buns are an impressive solution for oval face shape haircuts for men having long hair.

Man Bun Hairstyle for Oval Shape Face
Man Bun Hairstyle for Oval Shape Face

It is easy to style. Just take the lengths together and tie them up in the way you want—either slicked or messy.

The man buns symbolize a head full of hair and hence they are most attractive when it comes to sizing up the health of the wearer.

The world is inclining towards long hair for men. That said, buns are creating a trend with their stylish look.

#7. Undercuts

An undercut is a great feature to experiment with oval-shaped faces to enhance the outline fashionably.

Undercut Hairstyle for Men
Undercut Hairstyle for Men

The haircut involves partitioning the hair. A side part is made to direct the tresses on the other side.

You can style the separated long hair adopting temples of your choice for your specific face shape.

However, a bold comb-over with an undercut is among the most preferred oval face hairstyles men.

#8. Faux Hawk

And here comes the coolest hairstyle for men with an oval-shaped face!

Faux Hawk Hairstyle
Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Highly inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo, the Faux Hawk hairstyle is a rocking haircut, perfect to wear on any occasion and extremely easy to access.

You can either make spikes with the hair on top or direct them towards the centre to have an edgy look.

Either way, it creates a fashionable funky look.

#9. Grown-Out Hairstyles

And finally, here is the out-of-the-box hairstyle for oval faces!

Grown-Out Hairstyle
Grown-Out Hairstyle

Though hairstyles with fringes falling on faces are a flop on oval faces, certain grown-out hairstyles when styled right, can turn the tables.

We are talking about Cole Sprouse’s side parting or the wavy hairstyle of Dev Patel. Though both of them are quite different, the emphasis is on finding your natural grown-out hairstyle.

Let the waves embrace your natural curls for the oval face hairstyles men!

A Guide to Men’s Hairstyles

Though choosing a haircut for an oval face is not much challenging, being precise is what makes the difference.

The hairstyle can highlight your facial expressions if selected right. Otherwise, it may reveal your worst facial features. 

That is why, it is extremely essential to know- which oval hairstyle male is best for you and which is not.

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Oval Face Hairstyles Men TO AVOID

Although the oval face is common and versatile, there are certain exceptions that this category of people must avoid to enhance their decision.

These hairstyles are namely-

  1. Large Bangs
  2. Long Hair

When you have a long face, pairing it with long hair makes it appear even longer. And this may spoil your entire look. Additionally, bangs make the clarity of your face a little obscure.

Hence, it is better to remove them from your wishlist of oval face hairstyles men.


Oval faces are common and highly versatile when it comes to trying different hairstyles. But to find which among them would suit you perfectly, you must try them.

The hairstyles discussed in this list are among the most well-suited oval-shaped face hairstyles. These are selected to reduce the risk of haircut failure.

Make sure to match your hair texture and volume with the hairstyle you select from this list of oval face hairstyles men.