Even after selecting the hottest men’s hairstyles and getting them styled by the best hairstylist in the town, people often end up regretting their decision.

This is because every individual is unique– his personality, face shape, hair type, hair texture and hair length, all demand customised treatment including hairstyles.

Personalise Your Hairstyle!

To find out which hairstyle will suit you the best, you must examine yourself.

Personalise your hairstyle following these three steps and find an answer to what haircut you should get.

  • Know your Face Shape
  • Decide the hair length
  • Select according to your hair density

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#1. Best Men's Hairstyles for your Face Shape

Men’s hairstyles are a facial feature. The perfect hairstyle brings confidence and specific definition to your face while the wrong ones can mess it all up.

The biggest reason for men’s hairstyle failure is selecting the haircut without considering your face shape.

We all have a definite face shape– square, rectangle, heart, diamond, oval, round or triangular. And each face shape has its set of perfect hairstyles to compliment the look.

Best Men's Hairstyles for your Face Shape
Best Men's Hairstyles for your Face Shape

Find out your face type and explore the best hairstyles for men accordingly.

1. Round

Rounded faces need height and length to add features. Hence the hairstyles with longer layers are best suitable for round-shaped faces.

Men’s Hairstyles for Round Face Shape-

  • Side part
  • French Crop
  • Pompadour
Men's Hairstyles for Round Face Shape
Men's Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

2. Oval

Almost all men’s hairstyles suit people with oval faces. Moreover, they can add depth to the face with voluminous and long layered hairstyles.

Men’s Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape

  • Pompadour
  • Side part
  • Quiff

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Men's Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape
Men's Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape

3. Square

People with strong jawlines and square faces should get a layer and volume emphasising hairstyle that can tone the squareness down.

Men’s Hairstyles for Square-Shaped Face

  • Undercut
  • Quiff
  • Side part
Men's Hairstyles for Square Face Shape
Men's Hairstyles for Square Face Shape

4. Heart

Your wider forehead is a perfect spot for bangs. The men’s hairstyles that emphasise your chin while countering your forehead is ideal for you.

Men’s Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Face

  • Side part
  • French crop
  • Pompadour
Men's Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape
Men's Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape

5. Diamond

Your broader forehead and chin need to be enhanced with perfect men’s hairstyles that can balance your cheekbones. The haircut must sharpen your face angles.

Men’s Hairstyles for Diamond-Shaped Face

  • Messy Fringe
  • Wavy Side Part
Men's Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape
Men's Hairstyles for Diamond Face Shape

6. Rectangular

Rectangular or oblong shaped faces look great when paired with long hairstyles. Besides, all the hairstyles that make your cheekbones look wider are perfect for you.

Men’s Hairstyles for Rectangular Face

  • Pompadour
  • Side part
  • Side fringes
Men's Hairstyles for Rectangular Face Shape
Men's Hairstyles for Rectangular Face Shape

#2. The Perfect Hair Length

What is the right hair length for your Hairstyle?

The answer is simple— it depends on your preference. Whichever length you feel confident in, is best for you.

The point is, every hair length is equally attractive. It is confidence and comfort with the hairstyle that makes the difference.

If you feel longer locks increase weight and demand high maintenance, go for fresh short haircuts for men. On the other hand, if you prefer a more creative biker or rockstar look, you should grow your hair longer.

Men's Hairstyles: Short Hair

The traditional short haircuts for men are always trendy for being fresh and cool. A short hairstyle requires the following specification to suit an individual. 

  • Face Shape- All Face type
  • Hair Density- Can be fine, medium or thick
  • Hair Type- There are several hairstyles for every hair type.
  • Ideal for- All occasions
  • Benefit- They are easy to clean, maintain and style.
Men Hairstyles
Men Hairstyles

Whatever be your face type, hair type or density, there is always a perfect men’s hairstyle for your shorter locks.

The short hairstyles for men can be highly creative with a fade cut, an undercut, a cut on top or a comb-over.

The hairstyles are ideal for a stylish office look. Besides, with slightly different haircuts short hair can make you party-ready.

Men's Hairstyles: Long Hair

Longer tresses look great on guys. The stylish, sexy and adaptable look, that the longer locks leave you with, is something that every man craves.

And why not, when the longer locks can help them stand out of the crowd with dignity!

  • Face Shape- Heart, Oval and Rectangular-shaped face
  • Hair Density- Medium to thick density
  • Hair Type- Straight, curly or wavy
  • Ideal For- People with facial hair who like styling their hair regularly
  • Benefits- Attractive, versatile, reduced salon visits
Sleek bun hairstyle

Though men’s hairstyles with long hair are versatile and endless, they require extra maintenance.

You’ll need to preserve, nourish and hydrate your hair with an easy but effective hair care routine.

Many guys think that the efforts are worth it. You must try growing your hair long at least once in your life. It will unfold several features of your hair you were never aware of.

#3. Best Men's Hairstyles for your Hair Density

Your hair is one of the focal points of your beauty. You keep on gazing upon it, styling it and sliding your fingers on your head. So of course, you know what your hair density is.

In case you are not sure about it, check your scalp. If it is fairly visible, you have fine hair and if it’s hard to see the scalp through the hair, you have thick hair density.

Men's Hairstyles: Fine Hair Density

If you have a lesser number of tresses per unit area, your hairstyle must be focusing on adding volume to it.

Though many people consider thin hair as a curse, a fine mane is great at styling your look. There are several hairstyles that are specifically ideal for thin hair density.

There is a huge list of men’s hairstyles for fine hair beginning with a comb-over, texturing and undercuts. So don’t let your impaired hairline be your weakness selecting the wrong hairstyle.

  • Ideal Hairstyles- Blunt haircuts, highly faded afro haircut, a pompadour and quiffs.
  • Hairstyles to Be Avoided- Below shoulder length haircut and layered hairstyles.

Men's Hairstyles: Thick Hair Density

A head full of hair is always attractive. It doesn’t need extra effort to add volume and to make your hairstyle detail your look.

Thick hair is home to a huge number of hair styling possibilities. From side-swept to the quiff, comb-over to angular brush-up and undercut to wavy, almost all men’s hairstyles can be pulled off with a thick mane.

Ensure that the hairstyle is not adding too much volume. It may ruin the look. Just focus on emphasising the natural hair volume.

Final Words

If you are not satisfied with your look, try changing your hairstyle. There are a plethora of stylish, trending and attractive men’s hairstyles you can choose from. But selecting a hairstyle just by its attractive look usually ends up fooling you.

So next time, when you go for a haircut, keep in mind, your hairstyle must be customized and well-suited with your face type, hair type and hair density. You’ll find, paying slightly extra attention to your hairstyle can make a big difference.