Mid Taper Fade is a perfect blend of a taper haircut and a fade hairstyle. Consequently, with this mid fade haircut, you can get rid of some weight from your head without revealing a lot of skin.

A Mid Taper Fade haircut is picking up steam with its versatility and sleekness. The stylish, pristine and bold look is alluding people to lean towards the tapered side of fades. 

What is a Mid Taper Fade?

Taper means reducing in length or thickness towards the end. Starting somewhere from the mid-way of your head, the mid fade haircut appears to move down towards the end with hair length decreasing gradually as shown in the image.

Best Taper Fade Haircut
Best Taper Fade Haircut

The hairdo suits all hair textures– straight, wavy or curly, all hair densities– fine, medium or thick and all hair lengths– short, medium or long.

How is a Mid Taper Fade different from Classic Fade?

Many times, the taper fade haircut is confused with the classic fade for both leaves with longer hair on top. However, the styling at the sides and back create a huge, meaningful difference between the two.

Mid Taper Fade & Classic Fade
Mid Taper Fade & Classic Fade

Fade haircuts have blurred edges, either low, mid, high or bald. Consequently, the neckline created is always different from the natural.

Meanwhile, a taper haircut emphasises the natural hairline, cleaning it up and adding accuracy to it. Behind the ear, you will always observe a well-defined arch.

Why is Taper Haircut so Famous?

Keeping some length at the top while wearing short hair on the remaining head is the new trend in men’s hairstyle. And, fades and tapers are among the top two choices to carve out the desired look.

Though low fade or mid fade can be a choice, not all men like the bald or odd neckline.

For such people, this taper fade haircut is the saviour. It brings off all the dashing benefits of a fade haircut without exposing your head skin.

Popular Taper Fade Haircut
Popular Taper Fade Haircut

Why is this Mid Fade Haircut Best for you?

A mid taper fade haircut is best for you if you feel disclosing your skin is way too drastic.

Ideal for thick hair density, the haircut is commendable when paired with long hairstyles for men like pompadour and quiffs.

It looks hype-worthy when worn on slightly or even heavy curls. Besides, the look appears great even with fair density hair or shorter hair on top.

Mid Taper Fade Short Hair

A short hairstyle for men with this mid fade haircut is among the most popular haircuts of 2022.

Mid Taper Fade Short Hair
Mid Taper Fade Short Hair

One of such hairdos called buzz haircut is stealing the show with its ultra-short hair, which requires no maintenance to look cool, and the well-defined edges that add sharpness to the look.

Mid Taper Fade with Long Hair

The mid fade looks exceptionally classy when paired with long hair on top. The modern fresh and bold version of the fade, with a pompadour or a quiff, is all you need to catch people’s eye.

Mid Taper Fade with Long Hair
Mid Taper Fade with Long Hair

The best part is, it can be combined with a faded beard or/and neckline cuts to add keenness.

Mid Taper Fade Straight Hair

Straight hair makes up a clean, sleek and classic taper fade haircut that looks splendid when worn casually or on special events.

Mid Taper Fade Straight Hair
Mid Taper Fade Straight Hair

The medium length of the hair running down to get into shorter ones furnishes an ultra-clean outlook with straight hair.

Mid Taper Fade Curly Hair

Whether you have thick curls, waves or heavy curls, blending them with shorter sides always turns out to be a good decision.

Mid Taper Fade Curly Hair
Mid Taper Fade Curly Hair

When the shorter sides are touched with taper fade, the goodness magnifies several folds. The texture on top enhances your profile and symbolises a cool blowout.

Mid Taper Fade Black Male

A mid taper fade haircut is the most popular choice for men with dark coloured skin. Since the outlook furnishes both– sharpness and coolness at the same time.

Mid Taper Fade Black Male
Mid Taper Fade Black Male

Adding sharpness to the contrast, this mid fade haircut for black men is the most flexible hairstyle that can be paired with a Mohawk, blowout or Afro.

Other types of Taper Fade Haircuts

Taper hairstyles are the best alternative to a simple fade haircut. Though mid taper fade is an all-rounder, there are certainly other types of taper fades that can blend well with your specific hairstyle.

The other types of taper fade haircuts include

  • Low taper fade
  • High taper fade
  • Mid taper haircut
  • Skin taper fade
  • Bald taper fade

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Final Words

The new year has brought up novelty in the lifestyles of many people. More of them are trying new looks, especially new hairstyles.

The mid taper fade is in high demand this year for its adaptable identity and stylish impression. And the best part is, even after being a common haircut, it appears unique when worn by different individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is a mid taper?

Mid taper is one of the most trending hairstyles of the year in which the hair length is reduced towards the ends.

Q. Is a taper a mid fade?

A mid fade involves medium-cut hair of equal length on the sides. Meanwhile, a taper cut involves the length of the hair decreasing gradually moving downwards.

Q. What is better fade or taper?

Fade is a clean hairstyle that may or may not look great on you. However, a taper cut involves increasing hair length and hence, it is on the safer side.

Q. Is a taper fade to skin?

No, the taper does not evenly fade to the skin. It gradually decreases the length downwards.

Q. What is mid taper vs low taper?

The difference between the two taper hairstyles is the area at which the hair gets cut.

Q. Is taper fade good for round face?

A taper fade is less likely to enhance the look of a round-faced man.

Q. Does taper fade fit everyone?

Though taper fades fit every hair density, complexion and texture, care should be taken about the perfect face shape that can suit well for the haircut.

Q. Is taper fade good for oval face?

Yes, a taper fade is the most handsome haircut to try on an oval face.