Men’s Haircuts are versatile. And getting stuck with that same old-school hairstyle, you are depriving yourself of enjoying your hair to the fullest.

It is 2022, the right time to shuffle your hairstyles for a fresh change. Don’t wait anymore! Get the most stylish and trendy men’s haircut that would make you love yourself.

For that, we bring to your fingertips, the best collection of coolest men’s haircuts and hairstyles. All the versatile and newest trends are hand-picked considering their popularity all over the world.

Trying New Haircuts

A new hairstyle or haircut brings freshness to your personality. No matter how long you were wearing the same look, when it is changed, the fresh elegance catches every eye.

And that is why you need to keep changing your hairstyles and keep trying new haircuts.

There is a huge– extremely huge number of men’s haircuts you can try. For instance, you can try a new look every time you visit your barber.

And your experiments can introduce you to the coolest versions of yourself. Take a step forward, stop hesitating and make more out of your beautiful tresses.

It's Time to Make a Change!

Your entire look is subjected to your haircut and hairstyle for looking attractive. A minor trim-off at the right place can transform you to an extent that you might have never imagined.

Changing your haircut can be the beginning of new opportunities. So say hello to the new year with a transformed version of yourself. And let your new men’s haircut reinvent your personality.

Wait no more, now is the time, explore the trends and get the best men’s haircuts to make a change.

Talking about the Trends!

Men’s haircuts range from classic to modern, long hair to short hair, parts to no parts and fade to tapered. But the ultimate goal is to achieve a cool, fresh and snappy look.

Trendy Men's Haircuts
Trendy Men's Haircuts

The men’s haircuts trend for the year 2022 appeals to stylish options for every individual.

Men's Haircut Trends 2022

Though the current trend is leaning towards fades and undercuts, quiffs and pompadours can never be underestimated. Besides, people are getting more comfortable with long hairstyles, tiny hair is still personified as dashing and classy men’s haircuts.

Furthermore, the hairstyles with one size hair are getting outdated. They are believed to be less creative. And hence, uneven length of hair is the new fashion.

Nevertheless, the realistic-looking men’s haircuts never go out of trend, styling them with certain accessories can emphasise the haircut.

Most Popular Men's Haircuts for Short Hair

Now that you know, your wavy locks are a key to improving your appearance, it’s time to work on them. For that, you’ll need to know the best and the most acceptable men’s haircuts.

This section contains the best men’s haircuts for short hair. So when we talk about long hair, it’s the longest length of small hair.

Perhaps you are familiar with the haircuts but not with the right way to style them. Be more precise, choose according to your hair length and density.

So before you go under a scissor or clippers, explore the best men’s haircuts ideas from the list mentioned below. And Let your next haircut be the best haircut you have ever got.

Cool Fade Haircut

Fade men’s haircuts are quite popular in India. Whatever be the occasion, the Fade haircut suits all of them.

If you have short hair, you must have had a Fade haircut or you might have seen it many times on others. It’s a tapered hairstyle that shortens down the length of the side and back hair as we move down.

You can get the hair as close to the skin as you want. And the variations in the length give rise to different types of Fade men’s haircuts including low fade, medium fade, bald fade and high fade.

#1. Cool Low Fade Haircut

Haircut with low fade is among the best men’s hairstyles with short hair. You can simply style them similar to a Pompadour.

Or, a low fade haircut with side parts and comb over is the most unique and stylish haircut you can wear with your short hair.

  • Hair Length– medium to long
  • Hair Density- All hair densities including fine hair.
Cool Low Fade Haircut
Cool Low Fade Haircut

The low Fade can be combined with several quiffs, Pompadour and long fringe hairstyles.

#2. Sleek Bald Fade Haircut

The bald fade haircut is a great alternative to Pompadour. It is a modern haircut for men with shaved sides and longer hair on the top.

  • Hair Length- Short to Medium
  • Hair Density- All hair types mainly thick hair
Sleek Bald Fade Haircut
Sleek Bald Fade Haircut

The hairstyle looks incredible when the locks on the top are shorter, wavy, straight or curly.

On the other side, with bald fade and medium length hair on the top, the haircut takes an entirely different yet classy look.

#3. Stylish High Fade Haircut

The high Fade men’s haircut is versatile to wear. You can wear the look with a sleek hairdo or have a messy look with natural hair.

  • Hair Length- Medium to long
  • Hair Density- can be fine or thick
Stylish High Fade Haircut
Stylish High Fade Haircut

The hair on the top can be styled in many ways including backwards comb-over or spiky quiffs.


A classic Pompadour has been attracting women for many years and still, it continues to be on the list of best men’s haircuts for 2022.

In this hairstyle, the front part of your hair is styled into a huge mound. Again, the locks on the top are longer than the others.

Furthermore, men with the Pompadour hairstyle are considered to be wealthy and professionals.

#4. Long Hair Pompadour

The long hair Pompadour always has a place in the list of the best men’s haircuts. If you have thick and healthy hair, the Pompadour is a must-try haircut for you.

  • Hair Length- Medium to long hair
  • Hair Density- Ideal for thick hair
Medium Hair Pompadour
Medium Hair Pompadour

The hairstyle is not less than a delightful charm if styled in the right way.

#5. Short Hair Pompadour

Next comes the men’s haircut with a super clean appearance and stylish look.

  • Hair Length- short to medium
  • Hair Density- looks good on fine hair but great on thick hair
Short Hair Pompadour
Short Hair Pompadour

The Pompadour when styled with short hair puts a mark of prestige and smartness.

Slicked Back Haircut

Slicked back hairstyles are modern vintage men’s haircuts. They have been in the public eye for many decades and still, the ever-evolving hairstyle is a part of trending men’s haircuts for 2022.

There are plenty of ways to wear a slicked-back hairstyle. Some of the most popular ways are discussed below.

#6. Slicked back haircut with modern undercut

The slicked back haircut with modern undercut is among the most creative yet stylish men’s haircuts for short and thin hair.

The longer, shiny locks on the top are styled backwards while keeping the rest of the hair comparatively shorter and not shaved.

  • Hair length- Medium to Large
  • Hair Density- Thin hair
Slicked back haircut with undercut
Slicked back haircut with undercut

For styling your hair, you’ll need to blow dry it when damped and brush it back. For adding more details, you can use a shiny pomade.

#7. Natural slicked back with Beard

Underline the natural texture of your hair with a wavy flow on the top. It is a great example of a slicked back hairstyle for men in which the hair on top is left natural.

You must try this haircut for men if you have thick, lengthy hair with a dense beard. For sure, you’re gonna love it.

  • Hair length- Medium to Large
  • Hair Density- Thick hair
Natural slicked back with Beard
Natural slicked back with Beard

Though slicked-back men’s haircuts are best when styled with pomade, simple blow-drying and brushing can detail this natural hairstyle quite effectively.

#8. Spiky Quiff Haircut

In India, spikes have been a talk of the town for a time. And still, they haven’t been forgotten. In fact, the classy hairstyle is making a comeback with short hair spikes.

When styled in the right way, the spiky quiff men’s haircut fetches that masculine, confident and aesthetic look.

Although the men’s haircut can be worn in different styles, the one with shorter hair is most appreciable. The textured spiky look on the top defends neatness and emphasises a sharp appearance.

  • Hair Length- Short Hair
  • Hair Density- Both fine and thick
Spiky Quiff Haircut
Spiky Quiff Haircut

Simply get a Mid Fade Haircut for side hair and short hair on top with spikes on.

Quiffs are among the super-easy men’s haircuts that are easy to style and maintain. However, a little pomade can add detail to the look.

#9. The Coolest Modern Haircut

A super cool blend of the best men’s haircuts for short hair. It is a mixture of Quiff, Pompadour and bald fade.

The haircut expresses how creative you can be with your versatile hair. And here comes the best part, it is not tough to explain to your hairstylist.

  • Hair Length- short to medium
  • Hair Density- medium to thick
The Coolest Modern Haircut
The Coolest Modern Haircut

The mohawk hairstyle for men can be achieved with just a brush and a blow dryer. Here, the wild, loose and textured hair on the top is the focal point.

Final Words

Men’s haircuts can be extremely creative and stylish. All you need to care about is the correct way to style them.

You might have heard or even tried the men’s haircuts discussed so far without knowing the names. But still, you might have observed that the look you get is not much similar to those attractive images of the same men’s haircuts.

This is because, while getting a haircut, people rarely focus on precision. Whereas, the truth is, the slightest fineness can make a big difference.

So next time you visit your hairstylist, be more precise with the men’s haircuts you want. Customise your hairstyle according to your hair type and make your look similar to those images!