Smart hairstyles for men– to incite your attractiveness and intelligence and to look effortlessly cool!

Though there are plenty of smart hair styles for men, this article is meant to introduce you to the 5 most attractive and on-trend haircuts prevailing all across the globe.

Inspired by popular celebrities, the list contains the best haircut for men that have picked up the stream for 2022.

Smart Hairstyles For Men

The hairstyles mentioned below are the ongoing sensation of the year. Explore and find the one that matches your personality and complexion the most.

#1. Quiff Haircut (Inspired by Zayn Malik)

Though all the Zayn Malik hairstyles have extremely influenced the hairstyle industry, this quiff haircut is the coolest of all. Astonishingly, the handsome singer wore it in an unconventionally sexy way.

Zayn Malik Hairstyle
Zayn Malik Hairstyle

What is a Quiff Haircut?

Traditionally, a quiff haircut inflates the most stunning attributes of three popular hairstyles, namely– mohawks, flat tops and pompadours. It generally symbolises upheaval and confidence.

Who should wear it?

Not just for its elegant impression, a quiff is ranked top in the list of smart hairstyles for men because of its versatility.

That said, the haircut suits almost every face and hair type. It has been spotted on celebrities including Justin Bieber, Elvis Presley, and David Gandy, with each having apparently different facial features.

How to Style?

It can be styled differently– brushed, straightened or messy.

#2. Buzz cut Men (Inspired by Robert Pattinson)

With more and more celebrities taking part in the grooming move, the buzz haircut has boomed the hairstyle trends. And why not, when the list of its benefits goes non-terminating- fresh, younger and dashing look, always in trend, keep cool and still versatile!

Buzz Cut Men (Robert Pattinson)
Buzz Cut Men (Robert Pattinson)

What is a Buzz Cut?

A buzz cut is an absolute dashing hairstyle for men where the hair is shaved to a minimal length all across the head. To put it simply, a buzz cut requires hair cut very near to the head.

Who should wear it?

The buzz cut can be one of the most suitable smart hairstyles for men when paired with a round or a square face. Facial features like a lean face, sharp jawline and decent cheekbones add greatly to the elegance.

How to Style?

Celebrities are spotted styling the hairstyle in several lucrative ways, be it Ryan Renold’s high tight buzz or David Becham’e bald cut.

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#3. Caesar Cut (Inspired by Nick Jonas)

Nick Jonas rocked the ramp at Met Gala with his perfectly blended and flawlessly-groomed caesar haircut. Emerged as a hairstyle worn by Hipster Emperor Julius Caesar, the caesar hairstyle looks exceptionally cool on guys matching fairly well with modern trends.

Smart Hairstyles for Men
Smart Hairstyles for Men

What is a Caesar Cut?

A caesar cut is an iconic hairstyle in which the hair is cropped short with faded side hair and slightly longer hair on top having horizontal bangs.

Who should wear it?

Though a clean-shaven face, of any shape, looks remarkable with a Caesar haircut, the hairstyle has picked up the stream with a fresh face having beards and moustaches.

How to Style?

Caesar hairstyle always rules the list of smart hairstyles for men whether it is paired with rounded bangs, long hair, short hair, high fade haircut, straight hair or wavy texture.

#4. Classic Faux Hawk

Here come the classiest yet most elegant and smart hairstyles for men of all times! Wearing a faux hawk haircut is simply exciting and fun as the look of a hipster is always the coolest.

Best Haircut for Men
Best Haircut for Men

What is a Faux Hawk Haircut?

Faux Hawk is a men’s hairstyle in which the sides have a low fade haircut and the top has slightly longer hair to be styled as edges that can be spiked upwards.

Who should wear it?

Every man who needs to switch his look between professional and tricky can try this on-trend hairstyle with full confidence.  And interestingly, you can even personalise it.

How to style?

Though the top is reserved for the spiky impression, you can always play with the sides by having a medium fade haircut, low fade haircut or skin fade haircut.

#5. The E-boy Haircut

The E-boy haircut is dominating social media with its stylish look. In its prior version, the haircut was inspired by celebrities like Johnny Depp, River Phoenix and Leonardo De Caprio.

New Hair Style for Men
New Hair Style for Men

What is an E-Boy Haircut?

The curtain hairstyle from the 1990s has evolved by the name E-boy haircut for its use found majorly by boys living in social media, especially tik-tok.

Who should wear it?

The E-boy hairstyles are so versatile that every guy can customise them personally. That is why the E-boy hairstyle has become the most popular long hair smart hairstyles for men.

How to style?

This old but new hair style for men can be styled easily by finding the natural part of your hair. Just comb your hair in all directions with your fingers and you are ready to rock!

Can Hairstyles Make You Look Smarter?

Yes! Hairstyles reveal a lot about your personality and appearance. Hairstyles are specific about the impression they are going to create on the viewer.

Certain short hairstyles for men have made people look sexier. Some are known to endow a good-natured, bold or creative look while others can manifest conservatism, carelessness or even narrow-mindedness.

Hence, by selecting the smart hairstyles for men, one can actually exalt the look practically.

Smart Hairstyles for Men: Short Hair Vs Long Hair

Short hairstyles for men have always been impressive when it comes to smartness and being cool. In fact, most women believe that short hair is a symbol of smartness for men.

On the other hand, the efficacy of long hair for men is more inclined towards the creative and classic end. It is, undoubtedly, more versatile and attractive.

Succinctly, both the hair lengths have their set of specific attributes. It’s all up to your preference.


Your hair plays a vital role in determining your overall look. Hence, selecting the best hairstyles for men that can suit your face well is a must for every guy.

The smart hairstyles for men mentioned in the list are the all-time trending haircuts. You must give them a try at least once in your life!