Long hair for men is trendy, fashionable and a great alternative to short hair, for no doubt. The versatile long hairstyles for men are evergreen for a head full of hair always looks attractive.

Inspired by popular celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt and the style icon, Zayn Malik, long hair for men is becoming more acceptable with time. More men are trying to grow their locks longer for adopting the classically sexy look.

A Long Hairstyle will suit you—how can you be SURE?

Since you are here, it’s clear that the thought of reforming your hairstyle has stricken your head too. Though your step for a change is appreciable, you must be aware of the complications, effects and outcomes of your deeds.   

Will Long Hair Suit You
Will Long Hair Suit You

Undoubtedly, longer tresses look great on guys. But it is true only when the hairstyles are selected considering the hair density, hair type, personality and a few other things.

Why do Long Hairstyles Fail?

Out of thousands of people who try to embrace long hair for men, only a few succeed to dig up the desired show: the reason for failure being lack of proper knowledge and guidance.

In this article, we have mentioned the most accurate information about long hair for men. Reading it thoroughly will lead you towards the answer to “Are you ready to have a long hairstyle?”

What are the Requirements to grow Long Hair?

Long hairstyles for men are extremely attractive when styled considering the requirements. It may sound intimidating but not every head fits for the longer mane. To assure that the length will add another feather to your cap, the following demands should be fulfilled.

#1. Suitable Hair Density

First and foremost, long hair is for medium to thick hair density. Fuller the hair, more elegant and fresh will be the look of the long hairstyle.

Hair Density For Men's Long Hair
Hair Density For Men's Long Hair

Finer hair, when carved under a long hairstyle for men, starts looking even thinner. And, the extra weight will further damage the hair. Hence, you should not carry long hair if they are too fine. It will make the look wispier.

Summary- If your hair density is medium or thick; you must try growing your hair. Perhaps, you will look even better with longer manes. But for thin hair, short hairstyles are better.

#2. Favourable Hair Texture

Secondly, your curls need to have a good texture. Slightly wavy hair is highly constructive; curly hair attracts the most attention with the way they bounce and; straight hair needs punk hairstyles to look great.

Favourable Hair Texture
Favourable Hair Texture

Hence, the texture plays a big role in approaching the right hairstyle. Long hair for men looks great on hair textures like waves, curls and coils or high curls.

Summary- Have a longer mane if it is welcomed with a pleasant hair texture. If you feel your hair is dull, damaged or unfavourable in any way, this is not the right time to increase its length.

#3. Hair Care Routine

Unlike short hair, long hair for men needs extra attention. Just leaving the tresses on their own is not welcomed. You need to uphold a fine hair care routine easy, effortless (details in the upcoming section).

Hair Care Routine For Men
Hair Care Routine For Men

Reckless hair is more visible when long. The look begins to resemble a hobo. So make up your mind to get long hair only when you are ready to adopt a regular hair care routine.

Summary- Long hair for men will be worth it only when maintained carefully. Own it if you can invest in it.

#4. Confidence

The last and the most important requirement for long hairstyles for men are– confidence. After having the right hairstyle, your entire look depends on the confidence with which you wear it.

Confidence For Long Hair
Confidence For Long Hair

Your hairstyle with long hair rejuvenates when you leave behind all the insecurities. Having healthy confidence ensures self well being and creates a great impression on viewers.

Summary – Being confident with your hairstyle is the key to having the most attractive long hair for men.

Does Long Hair for Men require lots of Maintenance?

Long hair for men does not require extreme maintenance. But, to be honest, maintaining long hair is not as easy as caring for a short mane.

Does Long Hair for Men Require Maintenance
Does Long Hair for Men Require Maintenance

Since the hair is long, more sites are prone to damage. If left uncared, split-ends and damaged closures can be observed. And, the legacy of long hair gets demolished. Hence, Long hair does require maintenance.

But, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to stand in front of the mirror for hours. Anyway, it’s against your nature to opt for that girly mania. The point is, following a hair care routine for longer locks is mandatory yet simple and effortless.

How to Grow Long Hair Quickly?

You reading this section is an affirmation that you stand good with all the conditions required for having long hair. If that’s true, you are lucky to own the most trending and admirable hairstyle for men.

Grow Long Hair Quickly
Grow Long Hair Quickly

Though your hair can grow long at a natural pace, you can boost the process by following certain good habits. Without molesting your excitement of getting a new hairstyle any further, we are introducing you to some highly effective hair growth tips.

  • Boost blood circulation by brushing your hair more often
  • Relax your scalp with hot oil massage
  • Stimulate the growth using hair masks
  • Nourish the hair more frequently with deep conditioning.
  • Use apple cider vinegar to witness magical results
  • Select shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type
  • Avoid shampooing your hair daily to let the natural oil stay
  • Use cold water to wash your hair
  • Change your pillowcase to satin
  • Drink more water and opt for a healthy diet

The most effective way to boost your hair growth

Though the above mention tips are great to increase the natural growth of hair, the easiest yet most effective way is taking supplements—the right ones. Supplements like fish oil and biotin can do wonders to your hair if consumed with a healthy diet. 

How to Maintain Healthy Long Hair for Men?

Once you grow your hair to the desired length, keeping them healthy becomes your next aspiration.

How to Maintain Healthy Long Hair
How to Maintain Healthy Long Hair

Everyone wants to have healthy and lustrous hair but not everyone has it. For some, their busy life is the culprit while the others blame their genes: some are confused with how-tos whereas the rest feel lazy to make efforts.

And as a consequence, 74% of the world population ends up having a bad hair day with dull, thin, dry, damaged or frizzy hair. And this represents how crucial it is to follow a hair care routine to get your hair back to life.  

Hair Care Routine for Healthy Hair

As already mentioned, long hair is a great way to leave an incredible impression on the viewers but when not cared for, the consequences can be the opposite. With an increase in length increases the list of hair care products and cautions.

Hair Care Routine for Healthy Hair
Hair Care Routine for Healthy Hair

Follow the tips mentioned below to assure to keep your long hair in the best condition.

  • Get the ends cut once every 8 weeks
  • Wash the scalp with shampoo once or twice a week
  • Start using conditioners
  • Invest only in high-quality accessories
  • Let them dry naturally most often
  • Use protecting spray while blow drying

For additional maintenance and lustre, a plethora of hair creams, scalp treatments, hair masks and several other styling gadgets are available in the market. The steps mentioned above are basic and mandatory. And to be honest, they are enough to provide the most fantastic look to any guy.

Which long hairstyle should you choose?

Always try to choose a hairstyle that can suit your face shape. People have different face shapes including rectangle, diamond, oval, heart etc. And your hairstyle aims to contour balance with the shape of your face.

Which Long Hairstyle Should You Choose
Which Long Hairstyle Should You Choose

The fact is, not all hairstyles suit every face. But the most important point is, if a certain hairstyle doesn’t suit you, you always have plenty of others to choose from.

To know more, go to: Men’s Hairstyles: What haircut should you get?

Final Words

Whatever be your hairstyle and hair length, if the head is full of well-maintained hair, it will always look classically sexy. For people switching from short hair to long, maintaining the length may sound a bit of an odd job. But mind it, maintained with proper care, the long hair is truly bliss.