Step cut hair is picking up the stream for women’s hairstyles, partially for its uniqueness from traditional haircuts and rest for the enthralling bounce and elegance it leaves you with.

So if you are bored with the formal look of your hair, it is time to revamp your mane with the hottest hairstyle trend of the moment—the bouncy step haircut.

Step Cut Hair: Highlights

The step haircut grabs everyone’s attention with its mind-blowing appearance and details. But before making the final decision, one must know the basics and the technique involved in carving out the style.

3 Step Hair Cut
Step Cut Hair

Mentioned below are the highlights to determine what a step haircut is.

  • Step cutting refers to the hair cut in which the tresses are cut in different lengths arranged in series to form cascading steps.
  • As a result, it adds bounce and movement even to thin hair.
  • Step haircut varies from layer haircut by a sharp separation between the lengths of the steps.
  • Step cut hair and layered hair share a common feature of having different lengths of tresses.
  • Step cutting forms a fine number of steps on the mane where a layer has the steps blended.

#1. Multi Step Cutting

As the name suggests, the haircut includes multiple steps. That said, one can have as many steps as he wants. Numerous steps produce a dazzling look for the mane like a cascade that catches every eye.

Multi Step Cutting
Multi Step Cutting

Having too many layers gives thin hair a thicker and voluminous appearance. The multi step cut hair looks exceptional when accompanied by a hair down hairstyle.

Best Suitable for the ladies who like to wear open hairstyles or full or half ponytails.

#2. 3 Step Cutting

In this step haircut, the number of steps built on your mane is limited to three. That said, your hair is divided into three different lengths.

3 Step Cutting
3 Step Cutting

The shortest among them can be just below the ear and the largest slightly shorter than the original length of your hair. Hence, with the 3 step haircut, you can enjoy your hair at three different lengths in a single hairstyle.

Best suitable for:

The three step hair cutting is most suitable for medium hair when you want to maintain the length and volume of the hair while hanging short hair on the face.

#3. Double Step Hair Cutting

The step cut hair having 2 layers is just a slightly modified version of the regular hairstyle with the same length of hair.

Double Step Hair Cutting
Double Step Hair Cutting

Double step hair cutting involves trimming hair at just two different lengths. Hence, a single haircut can provide you with the pleasure of having two extreme lengths of your hair.

Best suitable for those who like bouncy short hair and their original hair length at the same time.

#4. Step with Layer Cut

When layers are blended with step cut hair, the result forms a unique and outlandish feather cut that appeals to every eye that sees it.

Step with Layer Haircut
Step with Layer Haircut

Having a step with layer haircut guarantees a natural edgy impression. The choppy look of the step haircut is mixed with the subtle layered style to give an aesthetic look.

Best suitable for females with long hair who want to blend the features of a layered cut on step cut hair.

#5. Step Cut for Short Hair

Short hair looks amazing when styled with a multi step haircut. It is one of the very few ways in which short hair can be styled for women with such creativity and elegance.

Double Step Hair Cut
Step Cut for Short Hair

Two step-cut is another remarkable hairstyle that ladies with short hair can go for to add a playful texture to their hair.

The step cut for short hair suits every hair texture including straight, wavy and curly. And most impressively, the short step cut hair feels coolest when it comes to warmer days.

#6. Step Cut for Long Hair

Step cut for long hair is the best option to try when you don’t want to compromise the length of your hair for a rocking hairstyle.

Step Cut for Long Hair
Step Cut for Long Hair

You can go with a multi step hair cut for long hair to have edgy and bouncy hair. This works best on wavy and curly hair having thick density.

Or you can have full-bodied voluminous hair having a step with layer cut for long hair. Go for it without a second thought if you have straight textured fine hair.

#7. Step Cut for Medium Hair

People with medium length hair enjoy the benefit of several options to style their hair, more than others. And, almost every step cut hair style looks great on medium-length tresses.

Bouncy Hair Stepcut
Step Cut for Medium Hair

However, the best kind of step cut for medium hair is the 3-step haircut as it enhances the bounce and fullness of the hair, whether the texture is straight or wavy.

Step cut for medium hair adds glamour to your personality to bring out cuteness and innocence along with boldness.


Step cut hair comes with a bunch of benefits, with looking absolutely stunning being the best among them. Another important advantage is that it helps you comb your hair easily as they won’t tangle much if the length is different.

Just select any of these gorgeous types of step haircut and name it to your hairdresser in the next appointment. For sure, you would be glad about your decision. Since step cut hair never disappoints you!