Step cut for long hair is a great option for women who want to get a new hairstyle for their long tresses without compromising much with the length.

Step haircut brings a new wave of excitement to your hair, replacing the same-length hairstyle that has been established for so long. 

What is a Step Cut?

Step cut is a haircut for women that includes cutting portions of hair at different successive lengths. This way, several fractions are visible on the mane in a cascading form.

The step haircut allows you to have different lengths of hair in a single hairstyle. You can have a multi step cutting, 3 step cutting or a double step cutting.

Multi Step Cut for Long Hairs
Multi Step Cut for Long Hairs

The steps created provide a bounce to your movements besides an alluring impression. Further, the hair looks thicker and fuller as the steps make each portion visible apparently.

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Why Should You Have a Step Cut for Long Hair?

Long hair is an influential feminine feature that most of us admire. But after a time, the same length of long hair starts boring us. In such a case, a step haircut can be a quick fix.

Step cut for long hair provides shape to your face, softens the sharp features and makes you look fresh, young and beautiful.

Step cutting for long hair
Step cutting for long hair

The cascading steps look elegant on longer locks with every hairstyle you wear. The perfect bounce with fuller hair enhances your look gracefully. Also, the steps make the hair easy to comb and detangle.

5 Alluring Step Haircuts for Long Hair

A step cut for long hair can be achieved in many different types. The types vary with the number of steps obtained, texture provided and additive haircut that is blended with the steps.

Considering the best out of different combinations, here we have listed the best 5 step haircuts for long hair.

#1. Multi Step Cut for Long Hair

The haircut has multiple portions of tresses cut at different lengths. The features of each portion are clearly defined as the hairstyle has a good number of steps.

Multi Step Cut for Long Hair
Multi Step Cut for Long Hair

The multi step cut hairstyle appears similar to layer cut but it has finely characterized steps instead of blended layers. Hence, the hairstyle is more inclined toward a choppier end that gives a charming edgy look.

You can pair this haircut with bangs or curtain fringes to add more features and enhance the frame of the face.

#2. Step with Layer Cut for Long Hair

A layered cut is a fantastic hairstyle to glorify the longer locks. Having it with a step-cut gives you elegant cascading steps pouring down at your back.

This step cut for long hair is a combination of two of the most gorgeous hairstyles for long hair. The choppy edges of steps with the classic feathered layers are something that appeals to every eye.

Step Cut With Layers
Step Cut With Layers

Though step with layer cut is an outlandish hairstyle in its standard form, you always have the option to add more effects with fringes.

#3. 3 Step Cutting

The 3 step cutting involves chopping the portions of hair at different lengths. This is considered to be one of the best haircuts for medium hair.

For long hair, the haircut allows the wearer to keep the length of the steps as long as he wants. Hence, you can have the original length along with some finely chopped tresses.

3 Step Hair Cut
3 Step Hair Cut

If bangs suit your face, pairing them with the three step-cut will emphasise your look splendidly. Otherwise, the steps do look great independently.

#4. Step Cut with Bangs

The best part about having long hair is that you have a huge space to experiment with different hairstyles at different parts. That said, you can even tease the front hair with a step-cut by trying bangs.

Step Cut With Bangs for Long Hair
Step Cut With Bangs for Long Hair

Bangs do not suit every face but to those it does, the entire look takes a new turning point. Since long hair wearers do not like to disturb the longer length, having bangs is a great option for them to add features.

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#5. Step Cut with Curtain Fringes

Again, longer hair never disappoints when it comes to adopting different hairstyles. And since the step cut for long hair takes a new turn with curtain bangs, one must consider the additive.

Step Cut with Curtain Fringes
Step Cut with Curtain Fringes

Curtain bangs run down from the centre of the forehead to cover the sides of your face. The length goes on increasing to merge with the rest of the hair.


Long hair is a sign of wealth and glory. You are lucky to have it. If you feel bored with the regular look of your longer tresses, try hairstyles that do not compromise length. Chopping it off is not the only way out.

Step cut for long hair is a great means to enhance the look of your longer mane. Just select the type of step cut you want and address the name to your hairdresser next time you visit the salon. No doubt, the results will fascinate you!